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I've been carrying this idea of king rainbow beard around for years. In 2013/14 I finally started an online comic. I would try to post a couple pages per week. Marco Jakob put a lot of effort in developing a nice online reader.

The story is about a king that messes up a bit, has an encounter with a rainbow and after a kind of a resurrection or initiation experience finds himself with a rainbow coloured beard... thats where the adventure basically begins. 

My first son was born around that time, so I had to lay the whole thing aside just inches before the king has his changing moment.

You can read the whole story here

And maybe one day I will finish the 7 part epic journey. You can follow by joining the mailing list at the end of the story.

Oh, and I also self-published the first part as book. You can order it here.

Medium: Pencil & digital colouring

Client: Personal project

Online reader: Marco Jakob

Date: 2013/14

Link: König Regenbogenbart

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